Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yi Long - the new KungFu heroe

In the ancient China, there was a lot of kungfu tournaments, they were different that current ones, they doesn't use boxing globes, they don't have prohibitions, like don't attack to eyes or testicles, then the way of fight was diferent than nowadays.

Today, in a ring, people use high stances, calculate well the distance, use quick punches  to quickly return to their guard, there is no need to do complex blocks, becouse the glove takes much space and block a big area, and the enemy's can't sneak through guard, becouse the attacker also has a big glove.

Today, the position is more frontal, becouse testicle attacks are forbidden. And a lowkick is used very often, becouse knee attacks are allowed, and they doesn't use a shin pad.

For this reason, most of KunFu styles are not used on the ring.  One style used for fighting with modern rules is Sanda Sanshow, and there is a heroe, Yi Long, here are several videos:


Yi Long, defeated several Muay-Thai fighters with they own rules, he is able to counter the lowkicks and defend the Muai punch chain. With a bit lateral position, KungFu large punches, and some counters, Yi Long shows a good kungfu fights.

Click here for see All Yi Long Videos

Saturday, January 19, 2008

My ving tsun school

I trained vingtsun from the Asociació catalana de Ving Tsun Kung fu, the sifu Jose Ortiz know a very effective branch of vingtsun, he train every year in Hon Kong with the grand master Chan Chee man.

I like this martial art, this banch, this sifu, and the skilled masters and companions.
Is important to train in a class with skilled people, I learned a lot from the companions.

I have practised many diferent martial arts, I haven't specialized in no martial art, but i have found the one i like.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bad defense system

The blue glove man didn't defend well. Those are the things that I think he did wrongly:

* He took a step back. In vingtsun one does always go to the front, never back.
* He lost frontality, lateral positions are slower and harder to defend.
* Rear hand is not at back defense position. Vingtsun people always have the rear hand in bu-sao.
* He could defend with a swip at his front leg, where he does have his weight.
* If he was in yim-ma we could escape the cross hands attack with a little rotation, maybe bong sao.
* Choy li fut men would defend with a back step to di-gi-ma and a kick to the nuts.

CLF and VT people will make these mistakes unless properly trained, and so get owned like him.

Judo, jiu-jitsu, gracie are good choices too

If you know kungfu, karate, kickboxing, full-contact or muay-thai, and a gracie-man is runing to catch you.

If you dont make a k.o. with one punch/kick he will throw you to the floor.
Then in the floor he will win.

The strategy of catch and throw, I think is the best strategy if you have only one opponent.

Well the vingtsun advantage is that whith less effort and less train you have too much efectiviness.

Vingtsun - Attack the attack

Vingtsun (spelled wing chun) defends and attacks at same time, this is the base of it efectiviness.

When the enemy enters at kick distance
* you have to put your weigh in you back foot,
- if he make a direct kick, you kick his foot
- if he make a circular kick, you kick his nuts
- if he dont kick, you make him a kick at the knee to stop the attack

Vingtsun distance
* Then you make a step, to put yourself in vingtsun-distance.
- We will punch yourself, then you have to make the step expecting his attac and being ready to defense and attack at same time

* If you win his center (opened his guard)
- ontinious punch
* If he close his guard
- use chisao sensibility to trap their arms with one hand and punch with the other
* If he catch you
- use tansao or bongsao to win the posittion and Loosen his hand
- kick if he make distance
- punch with other hand if is near
- use the elbow if he is at elbow distance

Sunday, January 6, 2008

KungFu styles comparison

Ving tsun (wing chun)

Chi sao trainment lets detect and absorb oponents attack, and lets attack controlling the oponent.
If you are in contact, you don't need see, you can feel the attack.

ving tsun is very effective martial art at low distance, with a quick response can intercept and attack simultaneously. At large distance there are movements to get closer without danger.

Choy li fut

Complex circular power and chained movements, see it slow:

Choy lee fut is a very nice, complex, power, efective, and full martial art.
But you need many years to make a correct use of the countless techniques.
I like very much choy lee fut and i will use it in some situations, but in some others is better vingtsun, less effort, more effectiveness.


From a relax position, make very quick attacks (locks, joints, kicks and punches)

Northern styles
This styles are good in foot projection and flexibility, but for self defense, hands work is the most important. But good northern kicker can defeat anybody:

Kungfu vs Karate

Well, the skill and trainment is more important than the martial art, but I will try to compare:

Kungfu is better in:
* Kungfu optimizes the movements more than karate.
-> choy lee fut Kungfu can make 2 punches and one kick in one movement, and chain many large movements, he reach to the opponent but the opponent can't reach choy le fut men.
-> Wingchun make defense and attack simultaneous

* Kungfu has more years old
* Kungfu was used in wars
* Kungfu dont crash to the oponent attack, absorb
* Chi sao and tui saos develop the sensitivity to develop quick and correct reactions.

Karate is better in:
* Kungfu is complex, and years of trainment is needed
* Some styles has many combats.
* Karate men is Hard like iron

In general i recomend Kungfu, is more elaborated, optimized and some styles has combats.

What do you think about it?