Sunday, January 6, 2008

KungFu styles comparison

Ving tsun (wing chun)

Chi sao trainment lets detect and absorb oponents attack, and lets attack controlling the oponent.
If you are in contact, you don't need see, you can feel the attack.

ving tsun is very effective martial art at low distance, with a quick response can intercept and attack simultaneously. At large distance there are movements to get closer without danger.

Choy li fut

Complex circular power and chained movements, see it slow:

Choy lee fut is a very nice, complex, power, efective, and full martial art.
But you need many years to make a correct use of the countless techniques.
I like very much choy lee fut and i will use it in some situations, but in some others is better vingtsun, less effort, more effectiveness.


From a relax position, make very quick attacks (locks, joints, kicks and punches)

Northern styles
This styles are good in foot projection and flexibility, but for self defense, hands work is the most important. But good northern kicker can defeat anybody:

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