Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bad defense system

The blue glove man didn't defend well. Those are the things that I think he did wrongly:

* He took a step back. In vingtsun one does always go to the front, never back.
* He lost frontality, lateral positions are slower and harder to defend.
* Rear hand is not at back defense position. Vingtsun people always have the rear hand in bu-sao.
* He could defend with a swip at his front leg, where he does have his weight.
* If he was in yim-ma we could escape the cross hands attack with a little rotation, maybe bong sao.
* Choy li fut men would defend with a back step to di-gi-ma and a kick to the nuts.

CLF and VT people will make these mistakes unless properly trained, and so get owned like him.

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