Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vingtsun - Attack the attack

Vingtsun (spelled wing chun) defends and attacks at same time, this is the base of it efectiviness.

When the enemy enters at kick distance
* you have to put your weigh in you back foot,
- if he make a direct kick, you kick his foot
- if he make a circular kick, you kick his nuts
- if he dont kick, you make him a kick at the knee to stop the attack

Vingtsun distance
* Then you make a step, to put yourself in vingtsun-distance.
- We will punch yourself, then you have to make the step expecting his attac and being ready to defense and attack at same time

* If you win his center (opened his guard)
- ontinious punch
* If he close his guard
- use chisao sensibility to trap their arms with one hand and punch with the other
* If he catch you
- use tansao or bongsao to win the posittion and Loosen his hand
- kick if he make distance
- punch with other hand if is near
- use the elbow if he is at elbow distance

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