Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kungfu vs Karate

Well, the skill and trainment is more important than the martial art, but I will try to compare:

Kungfu is better in:
* Kungfu optimizes the movements more than karate.
-> choy lee fut Kungfu can make 2 punches and one kick in one movement, and chain many large movements, he reach to the opponent but the opponent can't reach choy le fut men.
-> Wingchun make defense and attack simultaneous

* Kungfu has more years old
* Kungfu was used in wars
* Kungfu dont crash to the oponent attack, absorb
* Chi sao and tui saos develop the sensitivity to develop quick and correct reactions.

Karate is better in:
* Kungfu is complex, and years of trainment is needed
* Some styles has many combats.
* Karate men is Hard like iron

In general i recomend Kungfu, is more elaborated, optimized and some styles has combats.

What do you think about it?

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