Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yi Long - the new KungFu heroe

In the ancient China, there was a lot of kungfu tournaments, they were different that current ones, they doesn't use boxing globes, they don't have prohibitions, like don't attack to eyes or testicles, then the way of fight was diferent than nowadays.

Today, in a ring, people use high stances, calculate well the distance, use quick punches  to quickly return to their guard, there is no need to do complex blocks, becouse the glove takes much space and block a big area, and the enemy's can't sneak through guard, becouse the attacker also has a big glove.

Today, the position is more frontal, becouse testicle attacks are forbidden. And a lowkick is used very often, becouse knee attacks are allowed, and they doesn't use a shin pad.

For this reason, most of KunFu styles are not used on the ring.  One style used for fighting with modern rules is Sanda Sanshow, and there is a heroe, Yi Long, here are several videos:


Yi Long, defeated several Muay-Thai fighters with they own rules, he is able to counter the lowkicks and defend the Muai punch chain. With a bit lateral position, KungFu large punches, and some counters, Yi Long shows a good kungfu fights.

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